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At Alternative Belting Enterprises, we do not only supply an unequalled array of conveyor belts, we are recognized for our endless supply of conveyor accessories.

We carry an extensive inventory of light & heavyweight conveyor belts that can meet the various material handling requirements of companies throughout CANADA.  Some important characteristics to consider when selecting a conveyor belt of choice are size, flowability, abrasiveness, corrosiveness, moisture content, and the temperature at which it must be kept. The composition of the material, if powders, granules, pellets, fibres, or flakes are being conveyed, should also be considered, along with the particle size, weight, and density.
Our conveyor system specialists are at your beck and call to address your conveyor belt needs.


Our light duty conveyor belts are carefully selected from manufacturers and built for applications such as food handling, package handling, paper products / corrugated boxboard, metal parts conveying, textile, automotive industry, sorting & baggage handling, food handling, caning treadmills, recycling, glass & insulation. They are manufactured with various base fabrics like polyester, nylon, cotton, solid woven, fibreglass etc. and top surface coating with Rubber/PVC/PU/Silicon.

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The heavy conveyor belt material is the perfect choice for any industrial applications that involve physically harsh conditions. The rubber material is compounded to offer superb abrasion resistance and impact absorption. Given its superior strength, this hard black rubber material can act as an effective barrier between two sensitive objects.
Our heavy-weight belt can be used in various industries, whether it’s serving sand quarries, coal mines, or assorted materials handling industries, we serve with consistency, efficiency, and of course — excellence.

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Conveyor belt accessories are vital to the success and functionality of your conveyor system functionality. We stock a wide range that includes idlers, belt fasteners, rollers, bearings, sprockets & drive chain, knock-out rollers, belt winders, splice kits, pulleys, scrapers etc.

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