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Alternative Belting Enterprises Ltd. (BC) is now a COR certified company!

September 03, 2022 Alternative Belting Enterprises Ltd. BC became a COR Certified company

What this means is –

  • It gives us as an organization a more competitive advantage as the demand for COR Certified organizations is increasing.

  • Makes a strong public statement about our company’s commitment to protecting the well-being of workers and maintaining a culture of safety on jobsites. A win-win for everyone!

  • Employers who achieve and maintain COR® may be eligible to receive10% in annual incentive payments from WorkSafeBC.

  • Over time, with reduced injuries and lower claim costs, a COR® company’s experience-rated WorkSafeBC premiums will reflect additional savings.

  • Many general contractors require subcontractors to have a recognized safety program in place as a prequalification to bid on projects.

On behalf of the President and the General Manager, I would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone instrumental in achieving this milestone.

This didn’t come easy. From actively working safely, to communicating hazards and documenting them.

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